SH SULPHTEC GmbH offers plant operators a reliable, valuable service for new and existing plants.

Furthermore, SH SULPHTEC services and maintains competitor systems and upgrades them according to the state of the art.

Thus, operating costs and desulphurization performance improve significantly in most cases. 


Maintenance contracts from SH SULPHTEC allow you to leave the planning and execution to an experienced partner who will guarantee consistent performance and prevent system failures reliably.

For example, SH SULPHTEC maintenance service specialists will:

· Check the overall condition of the desulphurization plant as well as measure the cleaning performance and pressure loss;
· Visually inspect the filling regarding elementary sulphur content;
· Check the condition of components such as pumps, valves, blowers, heating, engines;
· Clean the circulation pump, sieves and filters;
· Check the electrical components and calibrate the temperature and pH probes;
· Measure the volume flows and temperatures using SH instruments;
· Replace small parts


SH SULPHTEC is able to guarantee rapid on-site service thanks to our reliable partners. WORLDWIDE!


If you are dissatisfied with your installed biological desulphurization plant, we offer you a comprehensive analysis of the entire system including a detailed quotation for upgrading and modernizing your plant according to your needs and the requirements of your entire biogas plant.

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